deen +43 664 2025767 Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm Vienna and vicinity
deen +43 664 2025767 Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm Vienna and vicinity

You will receive

  • 3 sessions of Personal Training, led by Martin
  • A general training plan for a period of eight weeks
  • The most important facts about nutrition

Your eight week challenge

The best way to begin, both for beginners as well as those who want to get back into shape. In an initial conversation (free of charge and without obligation) we will discuss your goals and challenges, as well as when, where and above all how you want to exercise.

HOW TO TRAIN for 8 Weeks

Following our meeting you will receive a workout plan for a period of eight weeks. With time you will increase the intensity, to obtain maximum results and bring you closer to your goals. In the first unit we will work out together, to make sure that the exercises are being done correctly, to achieve the desired results.

One unit lasts 50 minutes. You will then train independently and we will meet again for the second unit, where we will analyze your progress and discuss any concerns.


HARD FACTS about nutrition

Included in the package you will receive tips and tricks about how best to eat, both at home and at work. We will bust myths about fad diets, and learn how to eat a healthy, balanced diet, low in calories but still delicious.

Optional: a meal plan that is tailored to your individual needs, whether vegetarian, gluten free or vegan. This includes both meals to prepare at home as well as how to eat without having to cook.


Weight loss:

After eight weeks of following the exercise and diet program it is possible to lose approximately 10% of your present weight. You will lose fat and build muscle.


After eight weeks your body will show the results of your hard work: muscular strength will be increased by approximately 80%, and your body will appear slimmer, muscles better defined. Muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments will be getting used to more activity.

Emotional well-being:

Your feelings of well being will be increased, you will feel better and more alive. Endorphins are released each time you train exercise, making you feel happy, healthy and motivated!

Increased vitality:

Back pain will disappear. Your sleep will improve, making you more resilient both physically and emotionally. You cope better with stress.


After completing this 8 week program, many of my clients are able to run 45-60 minutes without stopping. Their speed varies according to fitness level, but an increase of 2 km/h is possible. Your heart and circulatory system will be stronger!

The 8 Week Starter Challenge is not a requirement for my other programs: it is simply a wonderful way to begin. You can choose a longer, more intensive start with one of my other programs. Whatever you choose, you will be amazed to discover your physical strength!