deen +43 664 2025767 Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm Vienna and vicinity
deen +43 664 2025767 Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm Vienna and vicinity

You will receive

  • 12 units of professional, motivational personal training for a period of three months
  • Individualized workout plan
  • Nutritional analysis, including recipies
  • Follow up workout plan after three months
  • Nutrition plan including recipes
  • New recipes every three months

HOW TO TRAIN for 12 Weeks

The PRO CHALLENGE also begins with an introductory meeting, without any obligation and free of charge. I will then put together a personalized training plan for you. Included you will receive useful tips and tricks about nutrition, both for preparing meals at home as well as on the job.

This will help you to understand what good nutrition is really about, and helps separate fact from fiction. We will workout together and I will help you to stay motivated. After a period of three months, the PRO CHALLENGE can be discontinued at any time.


Nutritional analysis and guidance

Unlike in the STARTER challenge, the PRO CHALLENGE includes analysis of your current eating habits. We will discuss what changes are necessary in order for you to build muscle and/or lose weight. This is possible for anyone, including those who are vegetarian, vegan or those on a gluten free diet.

Together we will put together a nutritional concept that will include delicious recipes. In order to keep variety in your meal plan you will receive new recipes every three months, tailored to you.


New workout plan every 3 months

Because our bodies get used to repetitive movements, after three months we must make changes in our exercise routine so that the training remains effective. Based on your new weight and increased stamina we will adjust your routine to become more challenging in endurance and/or strength.

You will receive a new, personalised workout plan for the next three months to assure that you are getting the most out of each workout.


Weight loss:

After three months on the program a realistic weight loss would be between 15-30% of your starting weight. You will be checked using BIA
(Bioelectrical impedance analysis), as well as through body weight and measurements.


You should now be able to run 60-90 minutes without difficulty. Longer stretches of running will be partially interrupted by changes in speed and intervals. Depending on your endurance, your running speed can be increased up to %40. This will be monitored using running apps such as Runtastic, or by a GPS watch.


Your strength can increase up to 130%, muscles gain visible definition, and your body becomes more athletic. The percentage of fat in your body decreases as your muscles become larger and stronger. This too will be monitored by BIA as well as frequent tests of strength.

Improved fitness:

After three months your body will have visibly changed. Your strength has increased by up to 130%. Cardio-vascular health and your immune system are stronger, your muscles support your body better, movement and flexibility have increased. The aches and pains that have developed through the years are now gone. Your zest for life has returned.