deen +43 664 2025767 Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm Vienna and vicinity
deen +43 664 2025767 Monday - Saturday 7am - 10pm Vienna and vicinity

You will receive

  • Professional and motivational personal training for a period of sixth months
  • Nutrition analysis and advice, with a meal plan
  • Every three months new recipes and a new workout plan
  • SMS reminders about your workout sessions
  • Motivational and workout support via WhatsApp
  • Regular feedback regarding your progress

HOW TO TRAIN for 24 Weeks

The „Better than Ever“ premium package is the perfect program for individuals who want to make physical fitness a regular part of their lives. The program begins like the other two packages; with an introductory meeting, with no obligation and free of charge. I will then create a personalized training program for 24 weeks, especially tailored to your needs. Included in the Premium Package are nutritional tips and tricks, both for at home as well as when you are on the go. You will learn which common “nutritional tips” are fact, and which are fiction. We will train together once a week, and I will keep you motivated!

The focus of our sessions together is on precisely executing each movement as well as a gradual increase in intensity. You will follow your training plan, and when we meet for our joint sessions we will discuss your progress and analyse your successes. We will put the intensity up a notch by training at a gym, ourdoors or at your home. At the end of six months it is possible to end the Premium package at any time.


Nutrition analysis and recommendations

In the Premium Package we will examine your eating habits and discuss what changes need to made in order for you to build muscles and/or lose weight. This is possible for anyone, including those who are vegetarian, vegan or those on a gluten free diet.

Based on our discussion we will create a plan for your nutrition, including delicious recipes. To maintain variety you will receive new recipes every three months, tailored to your food preferences.


Updated exercise plan

Because our bodies get used to repetitive movements, after three months we must make changes in our exercise routine so that the training remains effective. Based on your new weight and increased stamina we will adjust your routine to become more challenging in endurance and/or strength.

You will receive a new, personalised exercise plan for the next three months to assure that you are getting the most out of each workout.


Reminders via SMS

Together we have put work into determining your individual fitness plan. I will support you by sending you reminders, just to make sure that you stick to your goal.


via WhatsApp

I’m here for you, for questions, clarification, but most of all to keep away the “lazies” and make sure that you remain dedicated to your health.


Feedback on your progress

At the end of the third month of training we will look back at the previous months. We will discuss what worked and led to success, and where there is room for improvement. Thus we can optimize both your next training plan and make adjustments to your nutrition, as well as increase both the speed and intensity of your workouts.


Weight loss:

After six months on the program you have reached your target weight, and you are able to maintain it. Your new body will surprise and delight you! You will be checked using BIA
(Bioelectrical impedance analysis), as well as through body weight and measurements.


After the past six months you will have gained even more endurance. Running for 60 minutes is no longer difficult. Cross-country, interval running and running at various speeds have improved your endurance. This will be monitored using running apps such as Runtastic, or by a GPS watch.

Increased strength:

Your strength will have improved, up to a gain of 130%. Your muscles have developed and are better defined: you have developed an athletic figure. Your have substantially less fat, and more muscles. After training for six months you may have developed a “six pack”, depending on your training. We will test your developing strength regularly.

Increased physical fitness:

After the last six months your body will have substantially changed. Both your circulatory system as well as your immune system are stronger. Your life is better, more exciting.


This training program is suitable for individuals who want to follow and reach athletic goals. This concept is the perfect solution both for athletes and those who wish to become better, stronger and fitter.